How to Choose the Best All-in-one printer for Your Office?

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An organization’s document management strategy relies heavily on the multifunction printer since it integrates several functions, such as printing, copying, scanning, and sending/receiving faxes, into one device. Thanks to new developments in software, archiving software, and cloud solutions, you can now print, scan, and retrieve your documents from anywhere in the world. It is essential to choose the right printer to save time and money and ensure a smooth workflow process. 

In contrast, choosing the wrong printer can lead to software compatibility issues, repeated equipment breakdowns, high toner/ink prices, low-quality service, and expensive spare parts, causing stress over time.

Considering that multifunction printers tend to be more expensive than single-function printers, especially if you are looking for long-term equipment that will last for 5 to 10 years, it is essential to take the necessary time and research. 

The following are some things to consider when buying an all-in-one printer:

  • What functionality do you Require in Multifunction Printers?

Modern all-in-one printers feature advanced features and functionalities such as wireless connectivity, high-speed duplex scanning, printing and copying, mobile printing, scanning to the cloud, and printing from the cloud.

You can also digitize your scanned documents using OCR (optical character recognition) software, making them searchable and editable.

Print fleet management software, which monitors the status of each printer and how many prints each user makes, is becoming increasingly popular. Do all-in-one printers have free software or do they work with existing print management software? 

To ensure that you choose a device with the required functionality for the long run, determine what features you will need now and in the future.

  • Inkjet vs. Laser Technology

A key difference between inkjet and laser printers is how they operate. Despite producing crisp, clean text and images, their methods are very different.

The inkjet printer emits small droplets of ink directly onto the paper, which produces vibrantly colored images and makes it ideal for printing high-resolution images, graphics, or photos.

Toner powder is used instead of dyes or pigments in laser printers. Laser printers create electrostatically charged dots on a light-sensitive drum that attracts toner powder.

Laser printers produce crisp black and white and brilliant color prints by transferring the toner to the paper and fixing it with heat.

Printouts from multifunction laser printer and inkjet printers will show denser colors when compared to samples from office printers.

  • Total Cost of Ownership

If you are not looking for a very cheap and small off-the-shelf home printer you might only use once or twice a month; it is vital to look at the total cost of ownership of the equipment you choose. Few people know about a little bit of an open secret in our industry. 

If the printer price is low, the inks/toner price will be high. Inks and toner will be cheaper when the printer price is high; this is just how the industry works.

For your office environment, it is recommended that you go with one of the higher-priced commercial printers since you will only have to pay for it once. In contrast, you will need to buy the ink/toner many times over the life of your printer. 

The initial equipment price only accounted for a small portion of the total amount you spent on your existing devices over the last 3 or 5 years. Additionally, you’ll notice that most of the purchase was composed of ink/toner and spare parts.

After-Sales Maintenance and Service Support

All types of equipment will eventually break down and need maintenance, so the level of service support you receive after purchasing it is equally important.

To this end, we recommend that you choose a company with a proven track record, its qualified service engineers, that can provide you with onsite maintenance at your office, and that offers you an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). 

If you maintain your multifunction printers properly, they will support your work instead of being a hindrance; they will have fewer breakdowns, require fewer parts replacements, and generally last for many years.

  • Do you want a B&W or Color All-in-One Printer?

The price of color printers has steadily dropped over the past decade and is now almost equal to that of a B&W printer. In the past, color printers were costly to purchase and maintain, and being able to own one was considered a luxury. 

B&W printers will likely go out of style over the next few years due to technological advancement and the industry’s direction. Color is becoming more affordable and within the budget of most organizations. 

We recommend a B&W multifunction printer if your budget is tight. If you plan to keep the device for at least 5 years, you might as well go for a color printer.

  • What is your Monthly Print Volume?

The most critical question you need to consider is how many prints they can handle per month. All-in-one printers from any brand will be categorized according to their duty cycles.

You will need a mid-range standalone printer if you have more than 5,000 prints per month. It is possible to print around 1,000 pages per month with a small desktop printer. You should consider one of the high-end production printers once you reach 15,000 prints or more.

The best way to estimate your print volume is to check your existing machine. Every multifunction printer has a counter (similar to the odometer on your car) that allows you to print a report on how many copies/prints you have taken. 

There will even be a section for B&W copies, color copies, A4 copies, A3 copies, etc. By dividing the counter reading by the number of months you own the device, you can estimate your print/copy volume and make an informed purchase decision.

You will face many issues if you purchase the wrong machine without knowing your print volume. 

Choose an inkjet printer or a laser device according to your printing needs, check your print volume, and keep an eye on future running and maintenance costs. Trojan Technologies provide you with the best premium-quality multifunctional printer in Qatar.

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