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Empower your Businesses with Comprehensive Computer Network Infrastructure Solutions

Our computer network infrastructure solutions offer a comprehensive approach to optimizing, securing, and managing network environments. From enhancing performance and reliability to implementing state-of-the-art wireless connectivity, our solutions are designed to meet the evolving needs of businesses. With a focus on cybersecurity and preemptive threat protection, we prioritize the safeguarding of invaluable business data. Our network design and implementation services go beyond mere establishment, creating ecosystems that support and amplify business operations. Additionally, our managed network services provide relief from the daily intricacies of network management, ensuring operational efficiency. Whether refining existing setups or integrating emerging technologies, our expertise is dedicated to delivering tailored solutions that support the seamless integration and optimal performance of computer networks.

Our Network Infrastructure Solutions

Our comprehensive range of computer network infrastructure solutions is designed to optimize performance, enhance reliability, and ensure the security of your network. Whether you’re looking to refine an existing setup or integrate emerging technologies, we have the expertise to meet your specific requirements:

Network Optimization:

Enhance both performance and reliability, whether it’s refining an existing setup or integrating emerging technologies like SD-WAN.

Wireless Network Solutions:

Propel your connectivity to the next level with our state-of-the-art wireless solutions.

Cybersecurity & Network Protection:

Protecting your invaluable business data is our priority. Trust in our robust security measures designed to preemptively counter threats.

Network Design & Implementation:

Beyond just establishing networks, we create ecosystems that support and amplify your business operations.

Managed Network Services:

Relieve your team of the daily intricacies of network management. Our experts are here to ensure efficiency.

Our solutions are tailored to meet the evolving needs of businesses, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance. If you have any specific requirements or need further details on any of these solutions, please feel free to reach out to us.

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Explore our IT Networking Solutions in Qatar

We offer certified network engineers and well-known network platforms to provide comprehensive infrastructure solutions in Qatar. We also design custom network and infrastructure frameworks for our startup and enterprise clients. 

Network Infrastructure Solutions

Designed to optimize and manage IT networks efficiently

Surveillance and Access Control

Selective restriction of resource access for security and information control

Ip Telephony and Contact Center

Utilizes the internet for voice, fax, and data exchange in communication

Computer Accessories

Physical devices and components, including routers and switches, constituting a computer network

Cloud Solutions

Services and resources delivered over the internet, enhancing scalability and accessibility for businesses.

Support Contract

Provides ongoing assistance and maintenance for IT systems, ensuring optimal functionality.

We are the leading provider of Information Technology Services & Solutions in Qatar.

To deliver innovative Information Technology solutions enabling government and business to serve their customers effectively. This is achieved through the deployment of best talent and practices, to realize Qatar’s national vision of a vibrant knowledge based society.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Multifunctional printers or MFP are the new-age office machines that do the role more than just a printer for the documentation process of your business including scanning, copying, printing, faxing etc.

There are a wide variety of multifunctional printers in the market. Choose the one that comply with international quality standards, has a warranty and does all documentation tasks at once for you. We at Trojan offer a range of color, B&W and refurbished multifunction printers for you to choose. Reach out to us for business automation solutions in Qatar.
Single function printer is the conventional model of printers that only does the print task for you. It is space consuming and less efficient. Multifunctional printers are the need of the hour for your business. They are all-in-one printers that print, scan, fax and do much more for your business thereby saving you on cost and time. No need for multiple machines for each function with MFP.
We recommend Laser printers over inkjet printers as laser printers are faster than inkjet printers. The laser printers are the best for large requirements at the office as they are suitable for printing large quantities in monochrome or colors frequently without any damage. The ink jet printers use inks that may get dried out over a long time.
We offer a varied range of all-in-one printers in Qatar. Based on the nature of your businesses needs and budget, our experts will show you printers that are suitable to serve your purpose. We recommend you consult with one of our experts and choose an All-in-one printer that best suits your requirements.