Your 5-Step Guide To Finding The Best Office Copier

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Buying a multifunction printer for an office is a lot like buying a new car. You want to find something that has the right mix of features, power, and efficiency so that it can do the job and give you something extra.

The comparison doesn’t end there. You have many options when shopping for an office copier, just like when buying a car. This five-step guide will show you how to find the best office copiers.

We can help you find a printer that fits the needs of your office and makes your job easier.

As you go through the five steps for finding the right copier, you’ll notice that choosing the right dealer is greatly appreciated. Authorized copier dealers have models from different manufacturers, unlike car dealerships that sell only one car brand.

Finding the best laser multifunction printer for your small business is easy when you work with a skilled and experienced dealer. Remember that as you go through the list.

  1. Go Beyond the Brand Names You Know 

Don’t get stuck on a particular brand name when shopping for an office copier; ignore all other options. If you only buy one brand, you might spend too much on a machine that doesn’t work well for your office.

Also, you might buy a copier for your office that breaks down often and costs more to fix than your budget allows.

Instead, keep an open mind when you shop. It’s important to know that different brands make copiers for the office that can do everything.

Also, most machines today have advanced security features to keep your data and reputation safe. But if you only look at what one brand offers, you might miss out on the features and functions you need (or pay too much for them).


  1. Come Up With a Budget

Setting a budget is essential before buying a copier or multifunction printer Discuss your budget with the person responsible for expenses. 

It is essential to keep in mind that the copier is just one of the expenses. In addition, you should consider the following:

  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Supplies
  • Repairs

Local suppliers charge separate fees for buying and maintaining machines, while others combine the costs. 

When you speak with the provider, you can find out how the company prices its devices and services.

  1. When choosing a supplier, make sure you ask the right questions.

As important as the machine itself is the company you choose to sell it to you. You need a company that can take care of your printing needs so your office can run smoothly.

Start by making a list of possible suppliers of office copiers. Then, ask some questions to find out more about the suppliers.

  • Be sure to ask questions, like 
  • Do you offer remote monitoring?”
  • Does your company keep maintenance and repair parts on hand?
  • Do most service calls only require one visit, or do you usually need two or more?
  • Do you have one price for installation, maintenance, and repairs, or do I have to pay for each one separately?
  • What do you think is the best office copier?

  1. Check out the references, reviews, and awards.

Do some research on your own after getting suggestions for office copiers. Look up the brand and model of the machine and read reviews about it online. Then you can ask other business owners how the devices worked for them.

Next, you have to find out more about the service provider. Look for awards won by the company. Also, check how many clients you have. 

If the rate is high, you know that both the office copier and the service meet people’s needs.

  1. Visit vendors in person.

You probably have two or three providers that have captured your interest after completing some research. It’s time to see them in person to decide which one is best for your business.

Examine each business you visit based on its:

  • Technician certifications
  • Professionalism
  • The number of locations since it is simpler to offer items and assistance when there are several offices.

Run the models for a while as well. A product must be available for trial before you buy it. It’s not a good fit if a corporation has a “see but don’t touch” policy.

Partnering with a properly authorized copier dealer is vital in choosing the right copier or printer for your organization. 

After analyzing your printing needs, the dealer can go over several features that can assist you in fulfilling your expectations and scaling up if needed. Then, the partner will be there for you when you require maintenance and repairs.

Contact Trojan Technologies today to discuss your office copier and service needs, and we will tailor a plan to meet your business needs.

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