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A photocopier is a system that produces copies of documents and some other digital representations on some papers or plastic films easily and costs effectively (also recognized as a copier or a copy machine, or formerly a Xerox Device). A technique named Xerography is often used by certain existing photocopiers.

The photocopier machine is utilized in every type of field like the business field, educational field, and government field. The photocopier maintenance is equally important along with utilizing them.

The technological boom has fundamentally changed the beautiful world of photocopiers, so now there are different varieties of photocopiers that are convenient for anyone to use. Have quite a look at the different products on the market before you agree on which form of photocopier you would like to spend in.

  • White and black or B/W combination or mono photocopiers — It utilizes only one tone of the color that is white or black.
  • Multi-color photocopiers — It generates a rainbow of colors for you and can print any color.
  • Network-based photocopiers — It links to several gadgets and is generally utilized in some offices or some schools.
  • A3 papers photocopiers — It is convenient for the printing process on some posters, different types of spreadsheets, etc.
  • Analogue based photocopiers — It is based on the older tradition and can be utilized if one wants to.
  • Multi-functioning photocopiers — It is also referred to as the digital photocopier. It can perform various tasks like fax, printing, scanning, etc.
  • The desktop type photocopiers — They are semi-equal to photo gadgets and can perfectly fit in place of a desktop.
  • Professional photocopiers — It is the alternative to a desktop photocopier and is large. It can lay vertically on the ground and have fast print speed.

Different photocopiers need different types of photocopier maintenance. They should be utilized with some care. One should apply the general techniques to take care of their photocopier gadgets. The respective tips for taking care of them are mentioned below.

Tips to take care of your photocopier machine:

  1. Read the instruction manual—One should always have a deep look at the set of information or instructions that come along with every gadget so as to get known of the machine’s care tips.
  2. Clean that glass—One should clean the glass of the photocopier regularly so that no fingerprints or dust can stick on it which can lead to bad printing results.
  3. Removing dust from inside too—With the cleaning of outer textures, inner cleaning of the parts is also mandatory. Removing dust from the inner pieces is also essential for the photocopier to work smoothly.
  4. Don’t forget about the ink cartridge head—If the photocopier is not utilized for a while, then don’t forget to store the ink cartridge in a safer place from getting dried out.

Photocopier supplier and printing services in Qatar

We offer some efficient and convenient services to our consumers for the photocopier
maintenance. We provide the best-renting offers to our consumers for the short as well as long term
to make them and their work feel valuable. The lease cost includes distribution and installation to
make it accessible for scanning and printing on your device. To accommodate you, we can manage a
lease cost. Leasing with us is carried out in two phases and they are mentioned below:

Leasing for a short amount of time—A small period of photocopier lease means the perfect
and efficient option for utilizing the copier gadget until some weeks or some months to
begin some small business. A less dedicated alternative is to acquire a short-term copier
lease or charge a monthly amount than to purchase a copy machine, which may charge
some thousand QAR upfront. Without any conditions attached, you can get a good deal.

Leasing for a long amount of time– You normally obtain a new gadget when you rent a copy
machine. You will agree with a rental agreement and the machine can be purchased or
exchanged by you for a predetermined fee at the end of the agreement. Via full-service copy
machine contracts, and inspection, photocopier maintenance will be included. You just had
to pay a reasonable monthly fee, but your precise costs are planned in advance.

Photocopier sales: We give the widest collection of products that you can choose among any of
them. From copy machines, printing machines, and toners, you could choose which fits your pricing
strategy according to your organization. You can refer to the sales of the product and their
respective information from here.
If you have a doubt or have any type of question in your mind, then do leave us a comment and we’ll
resolve your query soon!

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