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Trojan technologies is great in presenting our clients with top brands with quality office equipment solutions with extended warm hands to our trojan members on after-sales support and service in the field of these solutions. Our mission is to help our clients realize their exact needs and achieve it cost-optimized.

Need smooth office automation before you know it could save a lot on your business? So, do we. Here at trojan technologies to know print management system we have passion and reputation for offering the most credible services and products to our own trojan members.


As professionals, we are dedicated to, and embrace the challenges faced through the hard times to find new and better solutions to over through the ongoing ever change in technology that fits the future for our trojan members.


Our business is driven by our vision and objective, to commit to sustainable local produce that engages with and build community spirit. We are the best in the state of Qatar, not just like that, took a decade to prove it!

Help your business create a print that looks exactly how you’ve always imagined being printed.

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As part of our effort to solve the issue of global environmental protection, we have made a commitment to shape our image as “an environment-friendly company that supports lifestyle reform by offering safety, comfort, and convenience at levels that exceed our customers’ expectations” for 2020 and the future beyond.

The Newest Technology Repairs

Ricoh has long been committed to “giving form to the output image.” Supported by veteran engineers who have worked for years on Ricoh’s own “monozukuri” (product creation), our printer’s output service can handle the creation of a variety of forms using a diverse range of materials. To give form to the customer’s image, we provide everything from design support to manufacturing knowhow. 


High Quality Pinter Management

At Ricoh, we accomplish true productivity with automation that is intelligent, repeatable and reliable — helping you reduce the burden of manual data entry and manual file routing. Our easy-to-use workflow apps connect your RICOH multifunction printer (MFP), and a smart device to popular third-party cloud services, so that important information becomes instantly accessible and ready to use and share.

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