Leasing & Renting

Leasing & Renting

Not ready to spend thousands of Riyals on a new machine? Well why not lease a new photocopier or printer for a fraction of the cost. Our rental plans are not only flexible but also affordable and we only stock leading brands.

Leasing price includes delivery and installation to your network making it ready for printing and scanning. We can arrange a leasing price to suit you.

Benefits of Renting / Leasing a Copier or Printer:
  • No major capital investment / outlay
  • Match expense of equipment with benefit as derived by use over time
  • Ability to incorporate all costs of a Technology Environment
  • Flexibility to acquire the use of more equipment as needs arise
  • Rental payments are viewed as an operating expense
  • Improved management of the Technology Environment and the associated costs

Short Term Leasing


A short term copier lease of several weeks to months may be a great option for new start-ups or entrepreneurships. A copier rental is also a good option, especially for short-term projects, and conferences, Events, Project submittals,Employee training sessions. that require lots of printed materials. Getting a short term copier lease or monthly rental is a less committed option than buying a copier, which can cost several thousand QAR upfront. You could get a great deal with no strings attached.

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Long Term Leasing

When you lease a copier, you usually receive a new device. You will sign a contract of use and in the end of the contract period the device can be returned or purchased by you for a specific price. The low acquisition cost is one big advantage. If you sign a new contract for a new device after the first contract is over, you will always be up to date with the latest technology. Another advantage of leasing is that you won't have to dispose of an old copier. Service and maintenance can be included through full-service copier leasing contracts. Every month you have to pay a fixed fee, but you know your exact expences in advance. Leasing is especially interesting when it comes to expensive devices.

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What We Require To Proceed

If you are interested in renting or leasing a copier or printer and would like to proceed, then we will require you to sing a leasing contract with company documents, Then once approved, we will deliver and install the equipment within 2 working days.
If you have any further questions regarding our photocopier and printer rental / leasing solutions, then please call on +974 44323949 or +974 33494536.

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